Back in the beginnings

About Us
Back in 1983, I worked at a construction firm that installed architectural salvage in the homes that they built. At one point, the quantity of material that was requested by clients was so great, that I was put in charge of this emerging business. That is how I became acquainted with the world of architectural salvage, unknown to me at the moment.

In June of 1985, my first daughter was being born and convinced of the architectural salvage business, I quit the construction firm and set forth on my new challenge. Soon after that, my first demolition job arrived and suddenly my garden became my showroom! Thanks to my wife's support and my relentless drive, that business improved and in '86 my dream came true: I opened my first architectural salvage store.

In 1993, as a result of the advice and guidance of many people, I was finally able to purchase my own store for selling architectural salvage. And some of these people are still around and very much a part of the everyday activities of RJO Architectural Salvage, and help this company move ahead here and abroad.
Roberto Ochoa and baby daughter
Roberto Ochoa and part of his team



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