Reclaiming the past

At RJO Architectural Salvage, we specialize in architectural salvage from home demolitions that we
Recycle: the art of recovering the design
and nobility of the antique. In our deposit you'll find architectural vintage such as doors, windows, flooring, fireplace mantels, bathroom fixtures, ornamental iron, furniture and numerous collectables. If we don't have
what you're searching for, we can find it or make it for
you. Our aim is to offer excellent service and meet our client's needs, whatever they may be: consulting, cost estimates, ideas, etc. And of course, free of charge.

How we reclaim the past
We start with a salvaged item. Recycling begins in our shop where we resize so it can be incorporated into the new building design. The fineness of salvaged carpintery, the wood's aging and the moulding design make each item a work of art.

Salvaged door

Recycling in our shop

Recycled door


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